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Clinic Policies

  • We do not prescribe Narcotics or controlled medications (benzos, stimulants, Z-drugs) to non-clinic walk-in patients. Please follow up with your GP. These medications should have only one prescriber and close follow-up.

  • We do not disclose patient's information to anyone unless written consent to release the information is provided by the patient.

  • Please book an appointment to discuss your test results or consults. We do not discuss the results of lab work or investigations over the phone unless a telephone appointment is arranged by the physician. 

  • Patients are notified to schedule the appointment if there are any test results/consults that required further follow-up. However, we encourage patients to book an appointment with the physician if they are still experiencing symptoms or have concerns they want to discuss.  

  • We greatly appreciate if patients notify us as much as possible in advance to reschedule or cancel their appointments.

  • A 50 CAD will be charged if patients have more than two missed visits per calendar year.

  • Patients who missed more than two appointments per calendar year will lose an advance booking privilege and will be seen by the physician on walk-in bases until the end of the calendar year.

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