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Walk-in and Family Medicine

A walk-in clinic by its most basic definition is a category of medical facilities that accepts patients without the need for an appointment. As the name suggests, patients just walk-in to the clinic in order to receive treatment. 

Trigger point microdissection (TPM) is an effective technique used in the treatment of muscle pain that contain trigger points commonly found in the back. This technique provides prompt relief of symptoms from myofascial pain syndrome and MSK related chronic back pain.

Aesthetic services coming in July!


FOR SAFETY OF PATIENTS AND OUR STAFF, WE ARE USING CONSULTATION CALLS or TELEHEALTH VIDEO-CONFERENCING: Patients need to book an appointment online or by calling the clinic during office hours. We are only booking consultation calls or telehealth visits. Please do not come to the clinic. For urgent procedures and cases that need physical examinations, patients still need to book an appointment and if the doctor confirms that the patient needs to be seen at the office, our office assistant will call the patient to make arrangements for an in-person visit.

***You can find your local COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics here ***

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